AlNiCo permanent magnets

AlNiCo magnets are characterized by a high remanent induction value and by a low value of coercive force. The maximum energy product is on the level of approximately 60 kJ/m3. The course of dependence of the induction on the intensity of the magnetic field in the second quadrant of the hysteresis loop is strongly non-linear, with a significant “knee” shape. For this reason, magnets of this type are very sensitive to being demagnetized by an external magnetic field or to being removed from the closed magnetic circuit. They are used, for example, in measuring instruments or in electric rotary machines, where it is usually necessary to fit a secondary magnetization winding. AlNiCo magnets find their application in electro-permanent holding systems. Their low coercivity allows these magnets to re-magnetize to the opposite polarity very easily.

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