Linear PCT and PT100/PT1000 sensors

We supply tailor-made linear silicon PTC sensors (LPTC 600 / LPTC 1000), as an alternative to the KTY 84-130 / KTY83-110 sensors, from the producer NXP, which are no longer manufactured. Our LPTC sensors have parameters comparable to KTY sensors with temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +180°C, long-term temperature stability, high precision and reliability, and they are independent of polarity. Therefore, it is a cost-effective solution (compared to KTY) for measuring temperatures. It is used in fields such as electrical drives, measuring and control technology, industrial automation, automotive and others. We will arrange the cable fitting of the temperature sensors (wiring, power supply leads, insulation of the sensor) based on your requirements. Our laboratory is equipped with a test-room for monitoring the basic characteristics of this product, which is the dependence of ohmic resistance on the temperature.

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