Magnetic moment

Neither the hysteresisgraph nor pulse magnetometers make it possible to measure all shapes, sizes and use all methods of magnetizing permanent magnets. The magnets with shapes and sizes too large or too small to be measured by means of the hysteresisgraph or pulse magnetometer are to be replaced with “standard samples” manufactured from the same production batch and these serve as a representative of the magnet material. However, in order to check the “unmeasurable” magnets themselves, we measure the magnetic moment in our accredited laboratory.

The magnetic moment is primarily the property of elementary particles. As the magnetized magnet is an arranged material structure, these moments add together resulting in a resultant magnetic dipole moment of the magnet that is then measured by means of the fluxmeter and Helmholtz coils. Through this measurement, we obtain a value relating to the magnet material and volume and we can compare this value with other deliveries, thereby monitor prospective deviations and above all ensure the permanent product quality. The magnetic dipole moment can only be measured for double-pole magnetized permanent magnets.

MMeasurement of magnetic moment:

Our equipment makes it possible to measure the magnetic dipole moment of magnets up to 260 mm in diameter and 150 mm high in the temperature range from -40°C to 300°C, in the short-time also at temperature of -190°C. The magnetic dipole moment value serves for evaluation of the temperature stability test as well.

In our accredited laboratory we perform:

  • Measurement of magnetic dipole moment using a fluxmeter and Helmholtz coils based on standards ČSN EN 60404-14 and IEC 60404-14

For more detailed information about tests we perform, see Annex on Accreditation Certificate or ask for it.


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