LPTC and NTC temperature sensors


PTC and NTC thermistors

The thermistors are divided into two types: thermistors with Positive Temperature Coefficient - PTC and thermistors with Negative Temperature Coefficient - NTC. When temperature of thermistors with the positive temperature coefficient is increasing, their resistance is increasing, when temperature of thermistors with the negative temperature coefficient is increasing, their resistance is decreasing. The thermistors with the positive temperature coefficient are usually manufactured from a ceramic material behaving as a semiconductor. The PTC sensors have a nonlinear curve of resistance and temperature, and resistance increases by steps at a critical temperature (sometimes called as cut-off temperature). This considerable increase of resistance can be used to trigger protective relays cutting off a current to the motor (or any other application), thereby preventing a damage to the winding and insulation.

The NTC thermistors with the negative temperature coefficient are generally the most frequently used type of temperature sensors because they can in practice be used in any type of temperature-dependent equipment. When temperature of NTC thermistors is increasing, their resistance is decreasing.

Linear PTC thermistors

Another type of the thermistor with the positive temperature coefficient is an LPTC silicone linear thermistor (at present it is an alternative to KTY). This thermistor type is manufactured by a different method resulting in an almost linear increase of the thermistor resistance with increasing temperature. As compared with the PTC sensors, they have a lower range of working temperatures.

Customized manufacturing

We manufacture the linear silicone PTC sensors of LPTC 600 / LPTC 1000 types that are alternatives to the sensors of KTY 84-130 / KTY83-110 types from the manufacturer NXP that are not manufactured at present any more. Our LPTC sensors have comparable parameters as KTY sensors in the temperature range from -40°C to +180°C, the long-term temperature stability, the high accuracy and reliability, they are independent of polarity. Thus, it is a budget-priced solution (as compared with KTY) for temperature measurement that is used in the spheres such as electric drives, instrumentation and control, industrial automation, automotive industry, etc. We ensure execution of cable accessories for the temperature sensors (sensor connections, conductors, insulation) according to your requirements. Our laboratory is equipped with the testing workplace for sensing of the basic characteristic of this product, which is dependence of ohmic resistance on temperature.

We manufacture products with the following sensors:

  • linear PTC thermistors LPTC 600 (substitute for KTY84-130)
  • linear PTC thermistors LPTC 1000 (substitute for KTY83-110)
  • NTC
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