Temperature sensors

One of the most important operating parameters of electric motors is temperature of the winding. Heating occurs due to mechanical and electric processes inside the motor as well as due to ambient temperature and connected devices. If the winding temperature exceeds the maximum permissible temperature, the motor may be damaged. For this reason, temperature sensors are integrated in the winding that monitor temperature and if the maximum temperature is reached, the motor stops. However, the use of temperature sensors is not limited only to the motor windings but they are also used for bearings, sensing of temperature of mechanical parts or conductors, etc. The temperature sensors are protective elements that depending on temperature show a predictable and accurate change in resistance that can be caused by self heating as well as by receiving heat from the surroundings (sensors in the winding).

We manufacture products with the following sensors:

  • linear PTC thermistors LPTC 600 (substitute for KTY84-130)
  • linear PTC thermistors LPTC 1000 (substitute for KTY83-110)
  • PT 100
  • PT 1000
  • NTC
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