Our laboratories

At present, the company PZK BRNO has at the disposal four laboratories in total that focus on the following sphere:

In 2014, the company gained accreditation according to the ISO 17025 standard for measurement of magnetic properties of permanent magnets using a hysteresisgraph and measurement of magnetic dipole moment.


We perform the following tests:

  • accredited measurement of demagnetization curve (EN 60404-5)
  • accredited measurement of magnetic moment (EN 60404-14)
  • measurement of surface induction
  • test of full magnetization (saturation)
  • measurement of deviation in magnetization direction (Angle error)
  • corrosion resistance tests HAST
  • salt spray tests (ISO 9227)
  • strength tests for shear, tension and bend in the temperature range from -70°C to +300°C
  • bonded joint tests (ISO 13445 and EN 1465)
  • measurement of temperature sensor RT characteristic
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