Salt spray

Some applications, e.g. in sea transport or generally in contact with sea water, require the corrosion resistance to salt water. The tests, which belong to the most widespread tests in this sphere, are neutral salt spray (NSS) tests based on standards: EN ISO 9227 or ASTM B117. A part to be tested is subject to salt spray influence for a time period determined by a customer in a chamber made for this purpose with the possibility of continuously verifying the part condition. The test can be performed on magnets as well as products not only with magnets (metal foils, parts, paints).

Surface protection of magnets

If there is a risk of using magnets in the environment with the presence of salt water, the magnets should be provided with an additional surface protection. The neutral salt spray test of the permanent magnets according to EN ISO 9227 is primarily determined for testing the resistance of their surface protections. Our laboratory tested a greater part of commercially available protections of the permanent magnets and can recommend the most suitable one for a given application.

We perform the neutral salt spray tests:

  • According to EN ISO 9227 or ASTM B117
  • Chamber dimensions 800x550x650mm
  • Test period and evaluation method according to individual specification
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