SmCo magnets

The samarium magnets, i.e. SmCo-based magnets, also belong to the group of rare-earth magnets. As compared with the neodymium magnets, they show a lower value of the maximum energy product, approx. 250kJ/m3, thus their magnetic field is weaker. However, they are corrosion resistant, they can work at temperatures up to 300°C and their magnetic parameters decrease with an increasing temperature subsequently slower than in the case of neodymium magnets. The Curie temperature is approx. 700°C, these magnets can be thermally demagnetized at temperature above 800°C.

Use of samarium magnets

The samarium magnets are above all used for products requiring a high corrosion resistance, a high working temperature and a low level of temperature effect on resultant parameters, which can include e.g. special electric motors, magnetic couplings and various types of sensors.

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