Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature sensors

The PT sensors belong to the category of temperature sensors according to ČSN EN 60751, where a platinum resistance layer is vapour deposited on a ceramic substrate. Conductors are welded to the platinum layer. To attach the conductors and relieve their tensile stress, another glass layer is applied. The PT sensors are available in various versions PT100, PT500, PT1000. They have small dimensions, a higher accuracy and a quick response time.

The platinum sensors are designated according to the resistance value in Ω at temperature of 0°C in the R0 resistance values. Thus, the PT100 sensor has resistance of 100 Ω, the PT500 sensor has resistance of 500 Ω, the PT1000 sensor has resistance of 1 kΩ, etc. However, the most frequent types are PT100 and PT1000 and according to the international recommendation of IEC 751, they are divided into two tolerance classes, i.e., A (from -200°C to +650°C) and B (from -200°C to +850°C).

One of characteristics of resistance temperature sensors is a temperature coefficient TCR. It is defined as a mean relative change of resistance per degree Celsius between temperatures from 0°C to 100°C, typically is given as TCR = 3,850 ppm/°C.

The PT sensors are used in various spheres, in particular in the air-conditioning and ventilation engineering, medical and laboratory technique, instrumentation and control, and automotive industry. We focus on manufacturing of sensors designed as temperature sensors for windings of electric motors and transformers where they are connected to the sensor itself using a suitable method (mostly by soldering), the conductors and the sensor body together with connected conductors are insulated with a shrinking tube, mostly in two layers to achieve a corresponding electric strength.

We offer:

  • Manufacturing of products with PT 100, PT 500 and PT 1000 sensors
  • Tests of breakdown voltage
  • Measurement of RT characteristics
  • Individual solution of design of sensor, conductors and insulation
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