Surface flux density

The permanent magnets influence their surroundings by their magnetic field that gradually weakens with the increasing distance from the magnet. Its shape and size are given by the magnet dimensions, shape and material used. This is connected with homogeneity of the magnetic field around the magnet. Distribution of the magnetic field around the magnet and at its surface can be determined by measurement of the magnetic induction.

Measurement of surface induction:

The magnetic induction can be measured by means of spot measurements with teslameters with an axial or a transversal Hall probe as well as by mapping using scanners over the magnet surface or at a required distance from the magnet. Our instrumentation performs spot measurements as well as mapping of both a loose-laid magnet or a solid with it and while rotating. We are capable of comprehensively analysing the data obtained, checking individual vectors of the magnetic induction, displaying the 3D distribution of the magnetic field around the magnet.

Measurement on finished parts:

We are capable of checking the distribution of the magnetic field (magnetic induction) not only on permanent magnets themselves but also on products with them, such as magnetic holders, rotors or stators of electric motors, magnetic couplings, magnetic bearings, etc. Measurement of the magnetic induction makes it possible to check quality, e.g. for multi-pole magnetized magnets that cannot be measured by means of other available methods.

In our testing laboratory we perform:

  • Measurement of surface induction in a concrete point (at a concrete distance from the magnet)
  • Measurement of all 3 components of the resultant vector of the surface induction (XYZ)
  • 3D mapping of the surface flux density of flat parts
  • 3D mapping of the surface flux density of rotary parts


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