Magnetic parts for linear systems

The linear motor with permanent magnets is virtually a multipole synchronous motor with permanent magnets where the rotor as well as the stator is developed to the plane. The motor does not realize a rotational movement but an advance movement.

Principle of linear machine

The application shall determine which part of the machine is a fixed, stationary part, which part is a moving part, and which part is powered. The stator is usually developed over the total length of a travelling track. The rotor covers a small part and is situated on a movable part of the structure. The powered part always consists of a packet of electrical ferromagnetic laminations and a three-phase winding. A part (steel plate) with bonded rare-earth permanent magnets is situated opposite the powered part. Current flowing through the powered part generates the magnetic field and its interaction with the magnetic field of permanent magnets results in action of forces that move the device. High demands are laid on the moving part as an inconvenient necessity to provide movable inlets for power, cooling (water) or conductors to position sensors. However, it all depends on the machine construction.

We realize customized manufacturing of parts of the linear drives with permanent magnets in pieces or in series. We focus on special applications having a high demand for the design quality. In our own testing laboratory, we test magnetic properties of individual magnets as well as the entire finished assembly.

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