Pulse magnetization

In order to perform their function, the permanent magnets must be magnetized. Magnetization of the state-of-the-art permanent magnets is almost exclusively performed by means of the pulse magnetization. Our laboratories are equipped with several pulse magnetizers enabling the two-pole pulse magnetization. We perform the pulse magnetization of the magnets themselves as well as the magnetic circuits (e.g. rotors of electric motors and generators). Our pulse magnetizers are able to carry out the two-pole magnetization up to the full saturation of all current types of magnetic materials and if required, even to reverse their magnetization direction, which is in particular suitable for segment-shaped magnets. The field intensities for magnetization are substantially lower during magnetization of the magnet in a thermally demagnetized condition than intensities required for a change in polarity (i.e., “remagnetization”) of the magnet, however our equipment can achieve this as well.

We perform the following types of magnetization:

  • magnetization of individual magnets (neodymium, samarium-cobalt, AlNiCo, ferrite)
  • two-pole magnetization of rotors and parts with magnets
  • restoration of magnetization of demagnetized parts
  • two-pole magnetization of BLDC stators with magnets

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